Introducing MobilePay

Introducing MobilePay

As the telecommuting trend continues into the next semester, several students and employees may decide they no longer need a semester or annual parking permit. Commuter Services offers a variety of short-term parking options for part-time telecommuters. One option, kiosk lots, are an affordable parking alternative for anyone visiting campus occasionally rather than daily.

Since the university introduced kiosk lots in 2016, commuters have been required to visit the kiosk machine to pay for their hourly sessions. During rush hours, lines can form around the kiosk machines and create delays for some commuters. However, advances in technology have allowed Commuter Services to introduce a new and faster method of payment. MobilePay, powered by TEXT2PARK, provides hourly parkers a convenient and contactless way to pay for parking on their smartphones.


There are two ways to get started:


1. Use the camera on your smartphone to hover over the QR code displayed on the kiosk machine. You will automatically be redirected to the TEXT2PARK website.

2. Text the P-Code message to the number displayed on the signage. You will be sent a link to the TEXT2PARK website via text message. 

Once you are redirected to the TEXT2PARK website, you can follow the prompted steps, including entering your license plate number, selecting your desired parking duration and entering your credit card information. This website will also allow you to extend your parking duration remotely.

MobilePay is available in the existing kiosk pay lots, which are the Union Lot, Marriott Lot, Student Life Lot, Business Lot and South Medical Garage. Students, employees and visitors can also park hourly in the Merrill Engineer Lot, which recently converted into a virtual kiosk lot. Since there isn't a physical kiosk machine located within the lot, commuters must purchase their session with MobilePay.

Using MobilePay enhances your parking experiences by giving you more control over your hourly sessions. Are you ready to skip the line at the kiosk machine? Watch this short video to learn more about MobilePay.

Chiller Plant Project on 1500 East

Chiller Plant Project on 1500 East

Beginning June 1, construction crews will excavate the road along 1500 East to South Campus Drive. Motorists, including Campus Store customers and Marriott Library visitors, will notice the following impacts during the next four weeks:

  • 1500 East will be closed for the duration of the construction project.
  • Traffic will divert through the Marriott Lot (see detour map).
  • Campus Store customers, Marriott Library visitors, and other motorists may access the Marriott Lot through the south entrance (see detour map).
  • The Campus Store's '30-Minute' customer parking stalls will relocate to the next row east.
  • Limited parking will be available in the southeast corner of the Marriott Lot.

*These impacts will not affect cyclists and pedestrians.

Parking Options for Part-Time Telecommuters

Parking Options for Part-Time Telecommuters

In response to the increase of students, faculty and staff telecommuting part-time during the semester, Commuter Services is offering a variety of alternatives to annual parking permits. We encourage individuals who will be telecommuting part-time to consider several factors when deciding whether to purchase a long-term parking permit; how often will the individual be on campus, will they be on campus all day or just a few hours, and where on campus do they want to park. The following options are available to all faculty, staff, or students who determine a long-term parking permit is not needed this academic year.


Day Permits

  • Day 'U' permits are available at a rate of $10 per day.
  • Day 'A' permits are available at a rate of $15 per day.

Visit the Parking Portal to purchase a Day Permit.


Visitor Kiosk Lots

  • Kiosk lots are located near the Union, the Marriot Library, the School of Business, the Student Life Center, and the Health Science Education Building
  • The price for parking in a visitor pay lot is $2.00 per hour with a maximum daily rate of $20.00

Visit the Short-Term & Visitor Parking page to learn more.


PayByPhone Stalls

  • PayByPhone stalls are located in most parking lots on campus, offering convenient proximity to popular campus destinations
  • The price for parking at a Pay-by-Phone stall is $2.00 per hour o Pay-by-Phone day passes are available in the Stadium Lot for $8.00 per day, and the Guardsman Way Lot for $5.00 per day
  • Download the Pay-by-Phone app, or call the phone number on the stall sign, to initiate a parking session and pay the hourly or day rate

Visit the Short-Term & Visitor Parking page to learn more.


Share a Permit

  • Individuals may share a permit with another faculty, staff, or student by linking multiple vehicles to one parking permit
  • Only one vehicle from the shared permit may be parked on campus at a time
  • Shared permits must be paid for by one individual; others may reimburse the permit holder for their portion of the permit

Call (801) 581-6415 to learn more about sharing a parking permit.


Ride UTA

  • Students, faculty, and staff may ride UTA buses, TRAX, and FrontRunner at no additional cost, simply use your UCard to tap on and off UTA trains and buses.

Visit to learn more about public transit.

Bike Month 2021

Bike Month 2021

We're celebrating May Bike Month with the Sustainability Office and other campus partners. Since the U is a certified GOLD Bicycle Friendly University by the League of American Bicyclists, we're inviting our fellow cyclists to participate in these events and giveaways. 



Wednesday, May 19 is Bike to U Day. Stop by the Campus Bike Shop at 413 Central Campus Drive from 11 AM-2 PM to celebrate Bike Month with other campus partners. Don't forget to bring your bike and UCard to get a free U-Lock from University Police. 



We've partnered with the Sustainability Office to launch the Magnum e-bike giveaway sponsored by Pepsi. Follow these steps to enter:

  1. Follow @sustainableuofu and @uofucommuter on Instagram. Only current university employees and students are eligible. 
  2. For one entry, go to the @sustainableuofu  Instagram account and tag a friend in the comments on the original post.
  3. For an additional five entries, create a post or story on Instagram showing your favorite places to bike! Use the hashtag #Ubikethere and tag @sustainableuofu

The winner will be announced in June. 



Join the U of U Commuters STRAVA group and log your bicycle rides during May. Club participants are eligible to win a Grizzly cooler, gift cards to local bicycle shops, and more! Challenge winners will be announced in June.


More Events & Activities

Follow the University of Utah Sustainability Office on Twitter and Instagram to learn more about the other May Bike Month events and activities.




Roadwork on Mario Capecchi Dr. & Wasatch Dr.

Roadwork on Mario Capecchi Dr. & Wasatch Dr.

The stormwater systems located south of Mario Capecchi Drive and Wasatch Drive will be under construction for three weeks, beginning May 17. The necessary road and sidewalk closures will impact motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists and Wasatch Express passengers traveling through this area on campus.



The intersection of Mario Capecchi Drive and Wasatch Drive will be closed for three weeks, beginning May 17. However, one southbound lane and two northbound lanes will remain open on Mario Capecchi Drive.



Wasatch Drive will also be closed to through traffic for safety improvements. Commuters who need to access Wasatch Drive or Student Life Way will need to travel northbound on Mario Cappechi to North Campus Drive before turning left onto Wasatch Drive.



Commuters may access Student Life Way by following a detour route through the Student Life parking lot (Lot 25) and roadway north and east of the Eccles Broadcast Center, adjacent to Wasatch Drive. Traffic control cones, signs, and flaggers will be in place to assist commuters through the necessary detours.


Wasatch Drive and Student Life Way Intersection

The intersection of Wasatch Drive and Student Life Way will be closed. East/westbound pedestrians will need to detour onto the pathway on the north side of Student Life Way, where a mixed-use bike/pedestrian route will be in place. Signs will be posted to assist pedestrians as they travel along this detour. With the closure of the crosswalk on Student Life Way at Wasatch Drive, pedestrians wishing to access buildings/routes on the south side of Student Life Way must travel to the designated crosswalk just east of Lassonde Studios.


Wasatch Express Route Detour

For the duration of this construction project, the Wasatch Express Route will detour directly to the Ambulatory Garage (Lot 45) through North Campus Drive. Passengers may visit to track all Campus Shuttles live. Call (801) 581-4189 for more information about the Wasatch Express detour.

Download the TransLoc App

Download the TransLoc App

Beginning May 10, students, faculty and staff can request a Safe Ride or a Hospital On-Demand ride through the TransLoc app. In the near future, users will also be able to use this app to track all Campus Shuttle routes live. Our goal is to simplify and enhance our commuters’ experience by consolidating our transportation resources into one app. The TransLoc app is free and available on the App Store and Google Play.


Request a SafeRide

Since the launch of Safe Ride in 2019, passengers have requested rides through the TapRide app. Beginning May 10, passengers must request a SafeRide through the TransLoc app. Since SafeRide is only available to current students, faculty and staff members, you must log in through a university account. First, open the app and tap on the ‘Settings’ button located in the bottom-right corner. Tap the ‘Log In’ button, and then tap on the ‘Log in with University Account’ button. Next, select ‘University of Utah’, log in with your uNID and university password and follow the prompted steps. Once you have completed this process, you’ll be able to request a SafeRide. To request a ride, tap on the ‘View OnDemand Service’ button. You’ll be able to select ‘SafeRide’ on weeknights from 6 PM to 12:30 AM. (Users are only be able to view the ‘SafeRide’ option during operating hours). You may then select your pick-up and drop-off location.


Request a Hospital On-Demand Ride

For the past several years, university healthcare employees have used the Ride Systems app to track to request Hospital On-Demand rides. Moving forward, passengers must request rides through the TransLoc app. To request a Hospital On-Demand ride, tap on the ‘View OnDemand Services’ button. From here, you’ll select your pick-up and drop-off location within the Health Sciences area and Research Park.


Campus Shuttle Tracker

The Campus Shuttle tracker will also be integrated into the TransLoc app later this summer. In the meantime, passengers can still visit to track shuttles live. Once the integration is complete, we encourage you to delete the Ride Systems app from your smartphone and other devices and download the TransLoc app to access our campus transportation services.