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About the Partnership

University of Utah students, employees, and visitors now have an affordable and sustainable transportation choice to access the University and surrounding destinations.  SPIN and the University have developed a first-of-its kind strategic partnership, anchored by a comprehensive shared mobility program to support student research, drive revenue, and enhance transportation safety on campus.

Beginning Fall 2022, SPIN e-scooters and bikes will be found in various locations throughout campus. Riders must download the Spin app available on the App Store and Google Play to unlock the scooters. The cost for renting a SPIN device is $1 to unlock, plus $0.23 per minute.

Parking rules for scooters and e-bikes on campus are different than in the city. On campus, you’ll be required to park in a designated parking area, which are marked as white boxes on the pavement, and are visible in the SPIN mobile app.

Always ride and park responsibly. That means always yielding to pedestrians, riding predictably and safely on roadways, and wearing a helmet!