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Download the TransLoc App

Download the TransLoc App

Beginning May 10, students, faculty and staff can request a Safe Ride or a Hospital On-Demand ride through the TransLoc app. In the near future, users will also be able to use this app to track all Campus Shuttle routes live. Our goal is to simplify and enhance our commuters’ experience by consolidating our transportation resources into one app. The TransLoc app is free and available on the App Store and Google Play.


Request a SafeRide

Since the launch of Safe Ride in 2019, passengers have requested rides through the TapRide app. Beginning May 10, passengers must request a SafeRide through the TransLoc app. Since SafeRide is only available to current students, faculty and staff members, you must log in through a university account. First, open the app and tap on the ‘Settings’ button located in the bottom-right corner. Tap the ‘Log In’ button, and then tap on the ‘Log in with University Account’ button. Next, select ‘University of Utah’, log in with your uNID and university password and follow the prompted steps. Once you have completed this process, you’ll be able to request a SafeRide. To request a ride, tap on the ‘View OnDemand Service’ button. You’ll be able to select ‘SafeRide’ on weeknights from 6 PM to 12:30 AM. (Users are only be able to view the ‘SafeRide’ option during operating hours). You may then select your pick-up and drop-off location.


Request a Hospital On-Demand Ride

For the past several years, university healthcare employees have used the Ride Systems app to track to request Hospital On-Demand rides. Moving forward, passengers must request rides through the TransLoc app. To request a Hospital On-Demand ride, tap on the ‘View OnDemand Services’ button. From here, you’ll select your pick-up and drop-off location within the Health Sciences area and Research Park.


Campus Shuttle Tracker

The Campus Shuttle tracker will also be integrated into the TransLoc app later this summer. In the meantime, passengers can still visit to track shuttles live. Once the integration is complete, we encourage you to delete the Ride Systems app from your smartphone and other devices and download the TransLoc app to access our campus transportation services.