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Parking Regulations

  • Anyone parking a vehicle on campus must pay a fee to do so, every day of the year, except for university-recognized State Holidays.
  • Free parking is available for University Hospital patients and visitors. Parking fees may be required for sporting or theater events.
  • Vehicles must be parked in locations designated as legal parking spaces, with the license plate affixed to the vehicle bumper and clearly visible from the roadway.
  • The fee to park must be paid in advance.
  • Once the parking fee is paid, a motorist’s license plate functions as the parking permit. Vehicles backed into parking spaces must have front license plates. The permit holder is responsible for making sure the plate number is entered correctly and is kept up to date.
  • A permit may be assigned to multiple vehicles, but only one vehicle may be parked on campus at any given time. Vehicles may not be assigned to more than one permit at a time.
  • Permit and payment areas are enforced until 8:00pm Monday-Friday. Parking permits and visitor parking payment is not required outside of enforcement hours, all other parking rules and regulations are enforced 24 hours per day.
  • Beginning March 1, 2022, students with three or more outstanding tickets will be referred to the Office of the Dean of Students, as they are in violation of the Student Code.
  • Commuter Services may change the designated use of lots or roadways at any time. During events, Commuter Services may charge additional fees for the use of University parking lots.
  • The university’s parking system is authorized by Utah Code, Title 53B, Chapter 3, Sections 103 and 107; and is outlined in the Utah Administrative Code in current rules under Regents (Board of).
  • University-owned vehicles are allowed to park in 'U' and 'A' permitted stalls, Pay By Phone stalls, stalls in kiosk lots (limited up to two hours), and maintenance stalls located in the Business Lot (Lot 12), the University Services Lot (Lot 13) and the Huntsman West Lot (Lot 14). University-owned vehicles must obtain a Sidewalk Permit to park on sidewalks.
  • Visitors displaying a state-issued ADA license plate or placard may park in visitor kiosk lots or Pay By Phone stalls at no charge for up to 2 hours. Parking for longer than two hours in these areas requires payment at the regular posted rate. Campus affiliates parked in designated ADA stalls within a regulated lot are required to purchase a University permit and display a state-issued ADA license plate or placard. Campus affiliates seeking to park in the 'CA'/'CU' area or a Garage requiring a 'T' permit must purchase the lot-specific permit and display their state-issued ADA license plate or placard if parked in an ADA stall. Eligible campus affiliates pursuing to park in any lot requiring a 'T' permit need to add themselves to the waitlist via their parking portal.