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Visitor parking changes in the Campus Store/Library pay lot

Commuter Services is installing kiosks in the Campus Store/Library pay lot that will replace the gated parking booths and attendants. The kiosks will function as the point of contact for purchasing and validating parking for guests and visitors to campus. The parking booths in the Business, Union, and Student Services pay lots were replaced by kiosks over the past couple of years and have proven successful.

There will be three main changes as a result of the new kiosk system, effective August 14th:

1. There will no longer be spitter tickets or pay lot attendants, rather customers will purchase their desired time through the kiosk using their license plate and credit card.
2. Sticker validations will no longer be valid in the Campus Store, Business, Union, and Student Services pay lots. Instead, validation “coupon codes” are available for purchase and can be distributed to customers.
3. The Campus Store will still provide validations for patrons. Parking fees must be paid in advance at the kiosks, a printed receipt must be taken into the store, and one hour of the parking fee will be reimbursed at the time of purchase

Kiosks work similar to a parking meter and payment or a validation must be made to initiate a parking session, not when leaving the pay lot. Vehicles parked in a pay lot with no valid form of payment will be ticketed.

If you would like more information on the kiosk system or want specific training, contact Commuter Services, Visitor Parking at

Last Updated: 8/9/17