Convocation Ceremonies: Transportation Impacts

convocation ceremonies: Transportation Impacts

Graduation is a time to celebrate — not a time to worry about where to park your car, motorcycle, or bicycle on campus. Convocation attendees can save time and avoid stress by familiarizing themselves with the transportation impacts that will take place from May 6-8.

Additionally, guests and graduates can find walking directions and detailed information on all parking and transportation choices by visiting the Campus Map. Planning your commute to campus ahead of time will enhance the ceremonial experience for all.


Vehicle Lane Closures

At the intersection of 500 S and 1300 E, the east and westbound vehicle turn lanes will be closed from May 6-8. Adjacent sidewalks and crosswalks will remain open to pedestrians and cyclists.

Though this road impact is relatively minor, motorists can expect police personnel to direct traffic at several intersections across campus during convocation ceremonies.


Vehicle Parking for Graduates and Guests

Graduates and guests may park on campus for free during convocation ceremonies. Attendees are highly encouraged to park their cars in the designated lots assigned to each college ceremony to ensure parking availability for everyone.


Attendees for the College of Humanities, College of Business, College of Social and Behavior Science, College of Health (graduate program), College of Engineering may park in the following lots:

  • Stadium Lot (Lot 1)
  • Law (Lot 2)


Attendees for the College of Science, College of Nursing, College of Health (undergraduates), College of Fine Arts, College of Social Work, College of Education may park in the following lots:

  • Chemistry Lot (Lot 4)
  • South Marriott Lot (Lot 5)
  • Marriott Library Lot (Lot 6)
  • Social Work Lot (Lot 8)
  • East Stadium Lot (Lot 9)


Attendees for the College of Cultural and Social Transformation, College of Architecture + Planning, College of Mines & Earth Sciences may park in the following lots:

  • Hospital East Lot (Lot 66)
  • Red Butte Lot (Lot 75)
  • Shoreline Garage (Lot 81)


Overflow Parking:

  • Guardsman Lot (Lot 40)
  • LDS West Lot (Lot 18)
  • LDS East Lot (Lot 19)
  • LDS Garage (Lot 15)
  • Huntsman South Lot (Lot 20)
  • LDS Stake Center Lot (Lot 21)
  • Business Lot (Lot 12)
  • Central Garage (Lot 11)
  • Huntsman West Lot (Lot 14)
  • Presidents Circle Lot (Lot 35)
  • Huntsman East Lot (Lot 22)


Vehicle Parking for Faculty and Staff

Faculty, staff and students are especially encouraged to avoid bringing their vehicle to campus and instead ride public transportation or bicycle to work. However, those who must drive a vehicle to campus may park in one of the designated overflow parking lots (listed above) from May 6-8.

Healthcare employees who typically park in the Hospital East Lot (Lot 66) or the Shoreline Garage (Lot 81) can expect limited parking availability from May 6-8. As an alternative, healthcare employees may park in the Guardsman Lot (Lot 40) and ride the O-Zone Campus Shuttle route to the main hospital.

Bicycle Parking

All attendees and faculty, staff and students may park their bicycles on campus for free. To find indoor and outdoor bicycle parking near your destination, select the ‘Transportation’ menu on the Campus Map.


Campus Shuttles

Attendees are welcome to ride the Campus Shuttles for free. The temporary Convocation Route will travel through South Campus Drive to the Rice-Eccles Stadium, LDS Institute, Business Loop and social work areas. Visit track all shuttle routes live.


Public Transit

UTA buses that travel through the intersection of 500 S. and 1300 E. will follow detour routes. Visit to learn more about bus detour routes.

Graduates and guests attending convocations ceremonies can easily avoid vehicle parking stresses and traffic delays by riding UTA TRAX. Attendees going to the Rice-Eccles Stadium can ride TRAX directly to the Stadium station.



For more parking and transportation information, contact Commuter Services at 801-581-6415 Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4:30 PM.

SuperCross: Transportation Impacts

SuperCross: Transportation Impacts

On April 24 and May 1, 2021, the Utah Sports Commission and Feld Entertainment, Inc., will host the Monster Energy AMA Supercross finals at Rice-Eccles Stadium. During this two-week span, several road closures are required to ensure proper spacing between race team vehicles along the roadway and those in the Guardsman Way parking lot and surrounding university lots.

Road impacts and closures

500 South will be closed from Friday, April 23 at 9 p.m. to Sunday, April 25 at 6 a.m., and from Friday, April 30 at 9 p.m. to May at 6 a.m. Additionally, Guardsman Way will be closed on April 24 and May 1.

Westbound detour options

Commuters wishing to exit or enter campus have the following options.

OPTION 1:  South Campus Drive eastbound or westbound to either 1300 East or Mario Capecchi.

OPTION 2:  Turning left on Mario Capecchi Drive and Foothill Drive to bypass the impacted area.

OPTION 3:  Utilizing North Campus Drive to bypass avoid the area completely.

All detour plans have been reviewed and approved by Salt Lake City and UDOT mandates. Additionally, U of U Health, Primary Children's Hospital, the VA Hospital, UTA and other emergency services have received copies of these plans.

Race day bus, pedestrian and bicycle detours

Guardsman Way roadway and sidewalks will remain open during weekdays. The detour seen in the image below will only be in effect on Saturday, April 24 and Saturday, May 1. 

This Supercross event requires a closed fence line to be in place and a ticket to access the interior event space including the north section of Guardsman Way and 500 South. On Saturdays, April 24 and May 1, Guardsman Way will be closed to through traffic all forms of transportation. Cyclists and pedestrians can avoid the impacted area on these race day Saturdays by utilized the following path through the V.A. Hospital Campus and Sunnyside Park.

For those utilizing the UTA bus system, plan your trip here.

Event footprint and race day closures

April 24 and May 1 race day closures will be similar to those of recent U Athletics football game days. A fence line will enclose the entire area seen below and tickets are required to gain access to the roadway between Rice-Eccles Stadium and the Guardsman Way parking lot. Again, race-day road closures will take place the evenings of Friday, April 23 and Friday, April 30, 2021, and will reopen at midnight the following Sundays.

Closures on 500 South will be from Guardsman Way to 1300 East. Guardsman Way closures will be from 500 South to just about the entrance of the Steiner Recreation Center. Parking attendants will be in place on race days to ensure proper use of the Steiner Recreation Center parking spaces for the community.

Parking impacts

Stadium Lot (Lot 1): Closed April 19 through May 2.

Chemistry Lot (Lot 4), Marriott South Lot (Lot 5), Marriott Library Lot (Lot 6): These lots will be designated for VIP and working staff on April 24 and May 1. ‘A’ and ‘U’ permit holders may park in these lots during non-race days.

East Stadium Lot (Lot 9): Closed from April 20 to May 2.

Social Work Lot (Lot 8), Sculpture Lot (Lot 10), Central Garage (Lot 11), Business Lot (Lot 12) and LDS West Lot (Lot 18): Designated for Supercross guests on April 24 and May 1.

LDS East Lot (Lot 19): Contractors permitted to park in the Stadium Lot and the Guardsman Lot must park in the LDS East Lot from April 19 to May 2.

Guardsman Lot (Lot 40): Closed April 19 to May 2.

Shoreline Garage (Lot 81): Ozone permit holders will be relocated to the Shoreline Garage from April 19 to May 2. Additionally, the Campus Shuttle’s Ozone Route will detour to the Shoreline Garage.

Traffic Lane Shift on North Medical Drive

Traffic Lane Shift on North Medical Drive

The next phase of the North Medical Drive construction project is currently underway. During this phase, commuters will notice the traffic lanes on Mario Capecchi Drive heading up to University Hospital will shift south. This impact will allow work to take place on the north side of the road.

Once the prep work is complete in late April, part of North Medical Drive will be blocked off, and the traffic lanes will be diverted. At least two lanes leading to the hospital and one lane heading away will remain open.

Visit the Campus Transformation site to learn more about this phase of the project.

I-80 & I-215 Construction

I-80 & I-215 Construction

Construction on I-80 between 1300 East and 2300 East and I-215 between 3300 South and 4500 South will begin as early as late May and continue through late 2022. Crews have started preliminary work onsite, but significant impacts and traffic changes will begin later this spring.

Improvements will include: 
  • Demolition and reconstruction of the 1300 East and 1700 East bridges over I-80
  • Demolition and reconstruction of the I-80 bridge over 2000 East
  • Widening of the I-80 bridge over 2300 East to accommodate the new eastbound lane
  • Improvements to existing bike and pedestrian crossings at I-80

Visit UDOT's website to learn more about the I-80 & I-215 construction project.

Getting to the Spring Football Game

GETTING TO the Spring Football Game

Fans attending the Spring football game on April 17 at 12 PM should prepare for limited parking and traffic delays.

Riding Public Transit

With the Stadium TRAX station and several bus stops located directly on campus, riding public transit to home games is hassle-free. Additionally, the university’s Game Day Ticket Program allows ticket holders to ride UTA to and from games for free. Visit for schedules, maps and more information.


General parking is available but may fill up fast. Ticket holders with seats located on the west side of the stadium may park in the designated stalls in the Stadium Lot, the Law Lot or the Marriott Library Lot. Other ticket holders with seats located on the east side of the stadium may park in the Guardsman Lot, the Social Work Lot and the East Stadium Lot.