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Parking Lot Repairs and Closures

Parking Lot Repairs and Closures

Several parking lots within the Fort Douglas area will undergo regular maintenance, including slurry seal application, repainting/striping, asphalt patch repairs and crack seal work repairs. The following lots will be closed for up to three days between the time frame of June 21 to July 3, 2021:

  • Shoreline Lot (Lot 74)
  • Bath House Lot (Lot 76)
  • Officers Club Lot (Lot 77)
  • Gateway Heights Lot (Lot 79)
  • East Sage Point Lot (Lot 80)
  • Benchmark Lot (Lot 82)
  • Sage Point (Lot 87)


Other parking lots undergoing repairs will remain open. Commuters should expect limited parking in the following lots between June 21 to July 3, 2021:

  • East Stadium Lot (Lot 9)
  • Business Lot (Lot 12)
  • Union East Lot (Lot 28)
  • Alumni Lot (Lot 30)
  • Sorenson Lot (Lot 32)
  • Presidents Circle (Lot 35)
  • Chapel Glen Lot (Lot 69)
  • Theater Lot (Lot 84)
  • Sage Point (Lot 87)


Additionally, the Guardsman Lot will be closed for three to four days during the week of July 19.

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