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Bicycling is a convenient, healthy, and sustainable way to arrive at your campus destination. The University of Utah is a Gold Bicycle Friendly University ranked by the League of American Bicyclists. 

For questions contact: Ginger Cannon, Active Transportation Manager, 801.581.7505.

Be safe on your bike:

  • Wear a helmet and remember that pedestrians have the right of way.
  • Bicyclists have the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicles. Obey traffic rules and signs. 
  • Keep your bike in good working order. Check your tires, chain, and brakes regularly.
  • Ride with traffic on the right side of the road rather than against traffic.
  • When riding at night, a headlight, taillight, and reflectors are required by state law. 
  • TRAX trains can be very quiet and the rails can be very slippery. Cyclists must walk their bicycle when on the station platform or when crossing the tracks. See the UTA bicycling brochure here.

Frequently asked questions:


Where can I park my bike?

Bike racks: The U has approximately 5,000 bicycle parking spaces across campus for short-term use. Most campus buildings have racks conveniently located within 50 feet of the entrance. See Map of Short-Term Bicycle Parking locations.

Secure bicycle parking: The U offers a limited number of indoor and outdoor secured bicycle parking spaces. For locations and who to contact for access, see this map of Secure Bicycle Parking locations.


What are the rules about bicycling on campus?

The Campus Policy for Bicycles, Skateboards, Rollerskates and Scooters governs the operation and use of bicycles for the University community.

  • The speed limit on sidewalks is 10 mph. You are responsible for safely operating your bicycle on campus bicycle paths and lanes.
  • Bicycles should always be locked to a bike rack. You will receive a citation and your bike can be impounded if you lock to anything other than a bike rack.
  • Bicycles are not allowed in University buildings except when using indoor secure parking.
  • An electric (e-bike) bike is classified under Utah law as a bicycle. E-bikers are subject to the same operating rules as a regular bicycle.
How do i report an abandoned bicycle or lock at the rack?
  • Call Commuter Services at 801-581-6415 to provide a location and description. The abandoned bike or bike lock will be noticed and impounded per policy guidelines.
Who can fix my bike?

Bike Shop Logo

Make your ride easier and safer by visiting the Campus Bike Shop for all your repair needs. Best prices in town for the University community! Services include:

Bike License/registration
FREE for students and staff.

Flat R&R
Replace tube and inspect tire for damage.

Meet our mechanic and discuss issues and receive recommended repairs.
(Price is carried over as credit to any work performed as a result of the consult)

Cable and housing replacement.

Tune up
Adjustment and lubrication of components, part replacement extra.
(If parts are needed we will call you)

In person tune up with mechanic, teaching maintenance, and bike care.   

Bike assembly
Assembly, adjustment, and tuning of boxed bike.
(No parts included)

what can I do to prevent bike theft?

With thousands of bicycles on campus, those locked improperly can be targets for theft. The University Police have worked to reduce bicycle theft by 40% since 2014.

  • Make sure to always use a U-lock and cable to secure your bike to the bike rack.
  • Register and License your bike at the Campus Bike Shop or University Police.
  • The University Police offer FREE Kryptonite U-locks with bike registration during Earth Week (April) and U Bike Week (September) through the Lock It or Lose It program.
  • Register your bike online at the Bike Index. This database makes stolen bikes harder to sell and easier to recover by storing information about your bike that others can use to contact you.
how do I report a stolen bicycle?
  • File a report with the University police by calling 801-585-COPS.
  • Report your bike stolen on the Bike Index.
  • Spread the word on social media, and check the classifieds.
  • If you find your bike, contact the University police with your case number.
more bicycling resources:
Last Updated: 11/26/18