New Permit System

Starting Fall 2014, University of Utah Commuter Services will be introducing new virtual parking permits to campus.

What This Means to You:

  • No more hangtags. After registering and paying for your permit, your license plate serves as your virtual permit.
  • You can purchase and manage your parking permit online anytime.
  • You can register two vehicles on your permit. Only one vehicle is allowed on campus at a time.
  • No more waiting in lines to purchase, register, or pick up permits.

Benefits of U of U Virtual Parking Permits:

  • Greener: This will save approximately 650 pounds of paper and 450 pounds of plastic waste each year.
  • Easier: Simplifies the management of your parking permit by moving the process to an online platform.
  • Better: Less waste, less time, less hassle.

Click Here to Purchase or Manage your Permit

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Last Updated: 5/19/17