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Vehicle Sidewalk Access Permit Request

University of Utah Sidewalks Permits may be obtained through Commuter Services. Permits will only be issued when the requesting University department justifies the need to operate vehicles on sidewalks for a specific event or task. Commuter Services reserves the right to charge for repair costs resulting from any damage for which the permitted vehicle is responsible.

Permits must be prominently displayed on the vehicle as directed when issued so that relevant information can be observed from outside the vehicle. Vehicles transiting University sidewalks must have the vehicles hazard lights on for the entire time the vehicle is on the sidewalk.

Sidewalk permits are not available for contractor use. Contact your University Project Manager or review your parking plan for permit information. More information can be found here

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Permit Dates
  1. Sidewalk permits must be requested a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Once the request has been processed, the requestor will receive an e-mail notification with permit status (approved or denied) and details as to when approved permits may be picked up from Commuter Services.
Last Updated: 11/26/18