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UTA and U - Transportation by TRAX or Bus

Ride Free with Your U-Card

  • Tap your proximity enabled UCard on the card reader located on UTA buses and train platforms as you enter and exit to ride for free. The U-Pass is not valid on PC/SLC Connect, Ski Service, and Paratransit service.
  • Get your UCard at any UCard office.
  • Riders using the UCard will be subject to random spot checks to ensure the have used the reader in order to ride.

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U Rideshare

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UCard/U-Pass - Tap On/Tap Off FAQs

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Will the previous pass be deactivated so no one else can use it?


What happens when the card wears down over time?

If the card wears out through normal use, it will be replaced at no charge.

Who is eligible for the U Pass?

The University of Utah has entered into a contract with the Utah Transit Authority to provide its students, faculty and staff access to TRAX, UTA buses and Frontrunner. The U-Pass does not work for the PC/SLC Connect, ski service, and Paratransit. In order to be eligible to obtain a pass, an individual must have a valid University of Utah ID Card, and: be a current employee of the University of Utah, or a matriculating student who has paid tuition and associated student fees for the current semester - including the transportation fee. This program is not available to retired employees, students enrolled in AOCE, OSHER, HB60, or other non-credit courses unless they register for classes as matriculating students and pay full tuition and all associated fees.

How much does it cost?

The cost varies depending upon the number of hours for which a student is registered. Those taking more hours pay more in student fees. Currently (January 2009) a student registered for 12 hours pays $23.16 per semester and a student registered for 20 hours pays $33.60.

When will my card be deactivated after graduation? Will I still be able to use the card during the summer months that I am doing practicum/research work for the UofU but not attending classes?

Although it may be changed in future years, our current policy is that UTA passes remain valid through the summer for students who complete Spring Semester as matriculating students. If they do not register for Fall Semester, their cards will be invalidated during August. Students' cards who attend Fall Semester but not Spring will be invalidated during January.

Can children ride with me on my pass? If so, at what age are they no longer allowed to use my pass?

The Ed-Pass is not transferrable to other persons and only exempts the individual from paying fare. Others accompanying a person with a University Ed-Pass must pay the posted UTA fare.

I'm required to have other access cards while at the University. It is not efficient to have them in separate places. The UTA card cannot be punched and this is a problem. Could your office promote a card that can be held with these others?

Your U-Card can now function for both UTA and University access. Bring your proximity class U-Card to Commuter Services or to any U-Card office where we will validate your U-Card for use on the UTA.

Does 'mandatory' mean they will charge me if I ride without tapping, or can they actually fine me for not using their tapping machines, even though I have a valid pass?

Your pass is valid only if you use it according to the policies established by the UTA. If you choose not to follow their rules, your pass may be revoked. The UTA will work closely with the University to make sure that the procedure is easy to follow and that people aren't penalized without due process.

What if I tap on at the beginning of the day and then never tap off? Could they restrict my pass if I do that?

Process includes each end of your trip. If you don't tap off, you'll likely be notified by the University of your need to do so.

Last Updated: 5/19/17