Event Parking Maps

Kingsbury Hall
Pioneer Theatre

Take TRAX to Sporting Events

Ride TRAX straight to the University of Utah campus. Three TRAX stations, Stadium (1349 E. 500 S.), University South Campus (1790 S. Campus Dr.) and Fort Douglas (200 S. Mario Capecchi Dr.) are conveniently located for campus sporting events. Please check the map for your specific event to find the nearest TRAX stop.

Kingsbury Hall and Gardner Hall

For many events, Kingsbury Hall and Gardner Hall provide shuttle service. The shuttle goes from the parking lot west of Rice Eccles Stadium to Kingsbury Hall and back. Signs in the stadium lot indicate when shuttle service is available. The Stadium TRAX station is adjacent to the parking lot and Kingsbury Hall shuttle stop.

Pioneer Theatre

Free parking is available for Pioneer Theatre. Ride TRAX straight to the Stadium TRAX Station. From there, it is a short, 5 minute walk from the west stadium lot to Pioneer Theatre Company.

Parking Tips

Arrive Early and Carpool

Remember parking is tight. Give yourself plenty of time to make it to the U.

Weeknight Games

On nights when school is in session, parking on campus will be limited and not all lots will be available.

Traffic Restrictions

Remember, you cannot make a left turn across the TRAX lines, so plan ahead. You will need to make a right turn only to enter most lots along the TRAX line.

UTA Info

For more information about UTA Bus and TRAX light Rail service, call RIDE UTA (801-743-3882) or visit the Ride UTA website.

Last Updated: 6/7/17