Contractor & Other Permits

Contractor Permit

The Contractor Permit is available to university project managers and general contractors who hold existing contracts with the university. This permit allows construction and plant operation vehicles to park on campus.


Complete the following step to obtain the Contractor permit:

STEP 1: submit project parking plan form

The university project manager or plant operations manager must first submit the 'Project Parking Plan' form to If you are the general contractor, contact your project manager or plant operations manager to complete this step.

Download the 'Project Parking Plan' form here.

To ensure parking facilities are available to the contractor, submit the form before bidding on the project. The 'Project Parking Plan' must be approved before requesting a Contractor permit. Permits are not issued without prior authorization. Contractor permits are virtual, meaning each license plate represents the permit.


STEP 2: submit contractor permit request form

University project managers and general contractors must then fill out the Contractor Permit Request form. After submitting the permit request form, you will receive an email with the permit order status details.

Contractor Permit Request Form


CON $1.00 $1.25
CV $4.00 $4.50
CS-A $2.75 $3.00
CS-U $0.75 $1.25

More Contractor Permit Information

  • Contractor permits for projects requiring off-campus entities, and their employees, may be purchased after the parking plan is approved.
  • Permits are transferable between vehicles but may not be altered or copied, and are only valid in the area described in the parking plan per the permit type policy.
  • The university project manager may request additional Contractor permits.
  • Contractor permits are virtual, meaning each license plate represents the permit.
  • The account balance will expedite permit issuance.
  • Any unused balance will be refunded at your request.
  • Each account must have one point of contact and list their telephone number.
  • Permit requests must be received at least 24 hours before issuance.
  • Parking tickets and violations are the responsibility of the general contractor.


The Sidewalk Access permit allows a vehicle to access the locations on campus that are far from appropriate loading zones, otherwise prohibited.

There are two different types of Sidewalk Access permits:


Sidewalks are for pedestrians, and motor vehicles may not have continuous access on campus walkways. When sidewalk access is not essential, vehicles relocate to a parking lot. Sidewalk permits may be revoked for inappropriate use. These policies govern appropriate use:

    • Hazard lights must be flashing while the vehicle travels along the sidewalk.
    • The speed limit is 5 mph when traveling on the sidewalk.
    • Vehicle operators must yield to pedestrians and keep the wheels of the vehicle on hardscape at all times.
    • Vehicles may not block building entrances, ADA access ramps or fire lanes.
    • Vehicles are never allowed to park on or drive across the Marriott Library Plaza or the plaza between Gardner Commons and the Language and Communication Building.