Bicycling is a convenient, healthy, and sustainable way to arrive at your campus destination. Bicycling as a primary form of transportation helps reduce our negative impact on the environment, is an excellent form of exercise, and could save money that would otherwise be spent on gas and vehicle parking.

The University of Utah is a Gold Bicycle Friendly University ranked by the League of American Bicyclists.

For questions about bicycling research, infrastructure, and programs, contact Ginger Cannon.


Outdoor Bicycle Parking:Bike Rack

The university has over 3,000 bicycle parking spaces across campus for short-term use. Most campus buildings have racks conveniently located within 50 feet of the entrance.

Bicycle Rack Parking Map


Bike Lock

Secure Bicycle Parking:

Secure bicycle parking is provided at many buildings and vehicle parking garages. To gain access to a secure room, hover over the icon on the Campus Map and call the contact listed.

Secure Bicycle Parking Map

Bicycle FAQs

Outdoor racks are located within 50 ft. of most building entrances.

Indoor bicycle parking is available at many buildings and vehicle parking garages.

the Campus Map for outdoor and secure bicycle parking locations.

Obey the regulations outlined in Policy 3-232 when operating a bicycle, skateboard, rollerskate, scooter or any other non-motorized riding device on campus.

Bicycles locked improperly can be targets for theft.

  • Use a U-lock and cable to secure your bike to the bike rack.
  • Register your bike online at the Bike Index. This database makes stolen bikes harder to sell and easier to recover by storing information that others can use to contact you.
  • The University Police offer free kryptonite U-locks through the Lock It or Lose It program during Earth Week (April) and Bike Week (September).

Call 801-581-6415 to provide report an abandoned bicycle or lock. The abandoned bike or bike lock will receive a tag and then be impounded per policy guidelines.

Call 801-585-COPS to file a report with the University police.

Bicycle Resources

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