Van Pool

A vanpool is like a carpool except with more people.

UTA provides the van and you provide the driver, bookkeeper, and passengers. Drivers will also have access to the van for limited personal use up to 50 monthly miles.

How do I participate in a UTA Vanpool?

Option 1 - Join a vanpool
Visit and register to determine if a vanpool already exists matching your commute.

Option 2 - Start a vanpool
1) At a minimum, get a group of seven people together who have a similar commute.
2) Identify a minimum of two drivers. Submit their driving records to UTA for our insurance carrier approval.
3) Identify a bookkeeper to track and report ridership and mileage to UTA, as well as, collect everyone's fares.
4) Get ready to save money and have fun!

What is included?
1) The van 2) Maintenance 3) Insurance 4) Back up van and support 5) Fuel 6) Up to 50 personal miles

What does it cost?
The fare is determined by your average monthly commute miles. Multiply your daily round trip miles by your average monthly work days (if you generally commute five days per week use 22 days per month). Next find your monthly miles on the Vanpool Pricing Spreadsheet. Your personal cost will depend on the number of riders in your van (the more riders in the vanpool, the lower your personal fare).

Miles in excess of monthly mile allowance, personal, and maintenance miles, will be charged at your mileage rate plus $.55 per mile.

All vanpools should have their own rules, it makes it easier.
Deciding the rules ahead of time reduces frustration. Some rules you may want to include:
What times do you meet where and how long do you wait?
Who sits where in the van?
Is the radio on/off, what is its volume and what station?
What are acceptable topics of conversation?
Who pays for additional trips overtime?

Some dos and don'ts:
Do give UTA and your vanpool members 15 days notice of termination.
If you are a new van driver, do take the driving class.
Do service your van on time.
Do return calls quickly from the UTA staff.
Do send in your monthly report and money by the 5th of each month.
Do take advantage of $240 per month pre-tax transit benefit. Ask us how.
Don’t drive until UTA says you are insured.
Don’t transport other groups (scouts or church for example) with the van.
Don’t go out of state unless you live there.

For more information call Cheryl Anderson at UTA at 801-287-2062.