U Rideshare


We want to reduce traffic and air pollution by encouraging people to carpool. Our current parking permit system is especially well suited for carpooling. All you need to do is purchase the parking permit of your choice and arrange with friends, neighbors, colleagues and spouses to ride with you. Ordinarily, students are limited to having 2 license plates attached to their permit; and faculty and staff are limited to 3 vehicles. If you will contact our office to tell us you’re carpooling, the number of eligible license plates will be upgraded to 4.  (We limit the number of plates because the LPR equipment has to check each plate it reads with all registered plates. The fewer plates to check, the less time it takes.)

Many people share a permit in this way, and help to reduce the number of vehicles on campus. If you want help finding other riders in your area, UTA offers a carpool match program at www.utacommuter.com

Bike to the U

Visit Bike to the U for maps and guidelines.

Visit www.bicycletransitcenter.com for information regarding bikes and the intermodal hub.

Storage lockers have been installed at the Stadium TRAX station on campus. To reserve a bicycle locker or for more information, please contact Curtis Clayton at cclayton@rideuta.com or 801-287-2062.


Visit Campus Shuttles for route info.

Visit Utah Transit Authority for trip planning and route info.


Tap your proximity enabled UCard or UTA Ed-Pass on the card reader located on UTA buses and train platforms as you enter and exit to ride for free.The University of Utah provides this service to students and staff.

U Car Share with Enterprise

Enterprise Car Share operates on the U campus.They offer convenient 24/7 access to a dispersed fleet of vehicles at http://www.enterprisecarshare.com/car-sharing/program/uofu


Also see UTA Rideshare.