Now Hiring

Now Hiring

Commuter Services is now hiring several team members to support our campus community as the university transitions back to "normal" this fall. The open positions range from part-time entry-level jobs to full-time career opportunities. College students are encouraged to apply for our part-time positions, which offer higher-than-average wages or flexible schedules. On-campus jobs are incredibly convenient and allow students the opportunity to build up their resumes and gain real-world experience. We're also looking for experienced individuals to fill full-time positions that offer health benefits and retirement. Qualifications for each open position vary; however, all roles require certain levels of customer services, communication and problem-solving skills.





Bicycle Mechanic

We're seeking an experienced bicycle mechanic to run the Campus Bike Shop, which supports our university cyclists by providing repairs and maintenance services at affordable rates. This mechanic is responsible for repairing bicycles, organizing schedules, documenting records, requesting parts and materials for job duties and keeping inventory. Applicants must be able to work 20 hours a week (Monday through Friday) between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.  Candidates with two years of bicycle mechanic experience or equivalency are preferred. Click here to view the bicycle mechanic job posting.



Special Event Employee

Football season is approaching, which means we're hiring Special Event employees to help fans park on campus during game days. Responsibilities for this role include reserving parking areas, selling parking stalls, collecting money and returning change to customers. Employees must also demonstrate excellent customer service and professionalism when interacting with fans. This seasonal part-time job is ideal for students, retirees and anyone interested in earning extra income during football. Click here to view the Special Event employee job posting.



Parking Services Officer

The Enforcement division is seeking parking services officers who can handle high-stress situations, demonstrate problem-solving skills and provide excellent customer service while issuing citations in the field. Parking Service officers are also responsible for fielding incoming phone calls from outside departments and entities, processing appeal hearings and handling work orders for field maintenance. This full-time position pays $14 an hour and offers health benefits, retirement and more. Click here to view the Parking Services Officer job posting.  



Campus Shuttle Driver

The Campus Shuttle department is now hiring full-time and part-time drivers. Our shuttle drivers play a vital role in supporting the campus community by providing transportation within the university boundaries. As the second-largest transit system in the state, we transport approximately 32,000 passengers per week. Our ideal candidates must demonstrate excellent customer service while transporting students, faculty and staff members through fixed routes and schedules. Applicants must be at least 21 years old and must meet the minimum requirements listed on the job posting. View full-time and part-time positions here: Vehicle Operator 1Vehicle Operator 2Vehicle Operator 3.



GIS Intern

The GIS Intern Program is designed to enhance professional development with 'on-the-job' experience while pursuing an undergraduate degree. The student intern will work under a GIS analyst's direct supervision and perform essential duties over one college semester. Applicants must be fully matriculated University of Utah students currently obtaining an undergraduate degree in GIS or a certificate in Applied GIS and must meet the minimum requirements listed on the job posting. Click here to view the GIS Intern job posting.


All open position plays a vital to the Commuter Services' operations. We train our team members to work effectively and diligently to serve our community. Apply now to join our team to support our university commuters. 

Parking Lot Repairs and Closures

Parking Lot Repairs and Closures

Several parking lots within the Fort Douglas area will undergo regular maintenance, including slurry seal application, repainting/striping, asphalt patch repairs and crack seal work repairs. The following lots will be closed for up to three days between the time frame of June 21 to July 3, 2021:

  • Shoreline Lot (Lot 74)
  • Bath House Lot (Lot 76)
  • Officers Club Lot (Lot 77)
  • Gateway Heights Lot (Lot 79)
  • East Sage Point Lot (Lot 80)
  • Benchmark Lot (Lot 82)
  • Sage Point (Lot 87)


Other parking lots undergoing repairs will remain open. Commuters should expect limited parking in the following lots between June 21 to July 3, 2021:

  • East Stadium Lot (Lot 9)
  • Business Lot (Lot 12)
  • Union East Lot (Lot 28)
  • Alumni Lot (Lot 30)
  • Sorenson Lot (Lot 32)
  • Presidents Circle (Lot 35)
  • Chapel Glen Lot (Lot 69)
  • Theater Lot (Lot 84)
  • Sage Point (Lot 87)


Additionally, the Guardsman Lot will be closed for three to four days during the week of July 19.

100 South Reconstruction Project

100 South Reconstruction Project

900 East to University Street:

Due to the failing pavement conditions on 100 South, 900 East to University Street will be reconstructed beginning June 14, 2021, through October 2021. Motorists can expect minor delays as this work will require single-lane closures. Additionally, pedestrians and cyclists traveling through the area should be aware that some sections of the sidewalk and driveway will be under construction. This project also includes replacing the storm drain and curb and gutter along the corridor, replacing the water main between 1000 East and 1100 East and slip lining the existing sewer line.


Intersection of University Street and 100 South:

For safety improvements, the intersection of University Street and 100 South will be under construction beginning June 21, 2021. Motorists can expect minor delays as lane closures will be in effect. Safety improvements include wider corners to better align the traffic lanes from east to west, bulb-outs to shorten the crossing lengths, new traffic signals. The realignment of the intersection will remove the dedicated right-turn lanes currently on the north and east legs.

Beginning August 20. University Street will be closed between 100 South and 200 South. During this closure, traffic will be directed down 200 South to 1300 East. From here, motorists can turn either direction on 100 South (see map below).

Visit to learn more about this construction project.